About Us

  • is an international investment firm based in Australia
  • is a specialist manager with a focus on private credit and equity for SME and middle-market corporate entities
  • has originated and introduced over $400m in corporate finance loans and equity
  • provides private investment, commercial expertise and hands-on support to transform and grow businesses
  • is a trusted partner of investors with a focus on income and capital growth


Agio Global is a private investment firm with a global reach. We provide private investment, commercial expertise, and hands-on support to transform and grow businesses.

Our success has been built on discovering undervalued companies, working together with co-investors and management teams, and delivering growth.

We pride ourselves on being a transformational investor and are guided by a measured approach to risk, as well as a deep sense of responsibility to our co-investors, partners and clients. We have transformed businesses globally for over 30 years and have owned, run and sold over 34 businesses to date.

Our sincere and deeply-committed business approach, combined with an exceptional track record for building successful companies, are the foundational pillars on which Agio Global has been built. Positioned as the authority on business investments, these pillars are part of our founding ethos.

We Co-Invest

We identify undervalued businesses and our experienced decision-making allows us to invest efficiently, providing access to capital and commercial expertise

  • We make efficient and informed decisions
  • We invest our cash
  • We provide clear advice and opportunity
  • We work with the management team to
    agree to a 100-day plan
  • We identify complementary management resources

We Work

Alongside management teams, we work closely to implement business plans that are effective, easy-to-implement and sustainable

  • We share our tried and tested ways of working
  • We provide access to the right people at the right time
  • We complement the skills of the management team
  • We work together to build and share in success
  • Businesses in which we co-invest are able to join a community of owners and executive teams across our portfolio to share valuable experiences and support

We Grow

Our purpose is to grow value so all parties enjoy shared success

  • We are a private investment firm which means we are flexible on co-investment
  • A significant portion of our exits are handed back to management partners
  • Our proven track record in transforming businesses has seen over 30 years of success

Our Team

Our people are experienced and honest co-investors. Approachable and authentic, we share a common set of values and a solid investment approach. We understand business fundamentals at high and detailed levels, and work across many industries, over many countries to achieve business success. Our investment team conducts rigorous due diligence and takes the time to identify both opportunity and risk. Additionally, we execute strong business plans, delivering a business strategy that produces sustainable growth.

Nick Barnsdall


Nick has extensive global and senior executive experience, along with a deep and successful history of building businesses. From 2006 until 2015, he served as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia and currently serves as either Chairman or non-executive director of 11 companies across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Nick’s experience is broad across many industries including civil construction and infrastructure projects, mining and resource extraction, finance and technology, automotive and engineering.

Rich Brown

Managing Director

Rich is Managing Director of Agio Global and is Chair of the Agio Global Investment Committee. Rich’s most recent role was General Manager, Wealth at National Australia Bank. Rich has also held senior management positions at AMP, Telecom, TYCO and AGL in strategy, transformation, sales and operations.
Rich is responsible for the management of finance, governance, compliance, operations, investor relations, key structuring and financial due diligence roles in fund investments.

James Dean

Founding Director

Over 30 years of finance industry experience, 25 of those as a direct professional investor in a diverse range of projects. After the October 1987 Black Tuesday (Monday USA) stock market crash and disillusioned by fund manager performances, James embarked on developing his own due diligence procedures. From his first development project, an apartment complex, he was motivated to build things that will see others benefit from his activity for decades afterwards. His motivation remains to find projects that include aspects of environmental benefit as well as anomalous returns. James’s garnered knowledge, global relationships and personal expertise is sought after to evaluate negotiate and match stakeholders’ decision-making to best outcomes.

Graham Frank

Board Adviser

Graham was until recently a partner of Ernst & Young where he held a number of leadership positions including the Head of Tax for Oceania (6 years) and Deputy Leader of Tax for Asia Pacific (10 Years). During that time Graham continued to be an adviser to a few large Australian private groups and multi nationals operating in Asia and Oceania. He is a Chartered Accountant.