Investment Partners

Agio Global provides private investment, commercial expertise, and hands-on support to transform and grow businesses. Our consistent performance has built deep partnerships, trust and a reputation for delivery.

Not just a capital fund, we transform businesses and deliver growth to investors

More than investors, we uncover undervalued companies, identify the core of each business and work hands-on with management and executive teams to achieve growth.

We co-invest, build and grow small to medium enterprises. Our typical investment range is from $10m to $300m and we consider investment opportunities with:

  • Management teams with an open mindset for growth and expansion
  • Industries where we have experience and are confident we add value and support growth
  • Businesses who may be facing financial distress or succession, stakeholder or growth challenges

Working together with management teams, we focus on driving performance and delivering results. We pride ourselves on being a transformational growth investor.

Latest Investment

Agio Global strengthens its investment portfolio with its latest investment in the energy sector – The Clean Energy Transfer Fund.

The energy sector in Australia is transforming from fossil fuel generation to renewables. Agio Global views this as a centennial event and has identified significant opportunity. The Clean Energy Transfer Fund (currently over $100m) realises the true potential of renewable energy generation by providing long-term, fixed price PPAs to renewable projects. The Clean Energy Transfer fund is Climate Bond Certified.

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 News & Insights

NQ Minerals another of Agio Global’s successful co-investments in the resources sector has yet another win!